Texas Transparency

Texas Transparency

The La Feria Independent School District and its Business Office have increased its efforts to provide transparent financial information for all stakeholders of La Feria ISD.  Our objective is to present financial reports and relevant information in a format that is easy to understand and in a way to promote transparency and accountability.  As part of this continuing process, the Business Office has created this website to provide you, the Taxpayer, with more direct access to many of the District's most important documents.

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Debt Information
La Feria ISD 2019 Continuing Disclosure La Feria ISD 2020 Continuing Disclosure
La Feria ISD 2021 Continuing Disclosure
La Feria ISD 2022 Continuing Disclosure

Tax Information/Resolution
Tax Rate Resolution 2019
Tax Rate Resolution 2020
Tax Rate Resolution 2021
Tax Rate Resolution 2022

Tax Rate History
Tax History as of 2019
Tax History as of 2020
Tax History as of 2021
Tax History as of 2022

Budget and Tax Notices

2018 Budget Tax Notice
2019 Budget Tax Notice
2020 Budget Tax Notice
2021 Budget Tax Notice
2022 Budget & Proposed Tax Notice
2022 Tax Notice

AP Check Registers

2011-2012 AP Check Register
2012-2013 AP Check Register
2013-2014 AP Check Register
2014-2015 AP Check Register
2015-2016 AP Check Register
2016-2017 AP Check Register
2017-2018 AP Check Register
2018-2019 AP Check Register
2019-2020_AP Check Register
2020-2021_AP Check Register
2021-2022 AP Check Register

Payroll Monthly Expenditures
Payroll Monthly Expenditures 2011-2012
Payroll Monthly Expenditures 2012-2013
Payroll Monthly Expenditures 2013-2014
Payroll Monthly Expenditures 2014-2015
Payroll Monthly Expenditures 2015-2016
Payroll Monthly Expenditures 2016-2017
Payroll Monthly Expenditures 2017-2018
Payroll Monthly Expenditures 2018-2019
Payroll Monthly Expenditures 2019-2020
Payroll Monthly Expenditures 2020-2021

Audited Annual Financial Reports
2010-2011 Audit Report
2011-2012 Audit Report
2012-2013 Audit Report
2013-2014 Audit Report
2014-2015 Audit Report
2015-2016 Audit Report
2016-2017 Audit Report
2017-2018 Audit Report
2018-2019 Audit Report
2019-2020 Audit Report
2020-2021 Audit Report
2021-2022 Audit Report

Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST)
2010-2011 FIRST Rating
2011-2012 FIRST Rating
2012-2013 FIRST Rating
2013-2014 FIRST Rating
2014-2015 FIRST Rating
2015-2016 FIRST Rating
2016-2017 FIRST Rating
2017-2018 FIRST Rating
2018-2019 FIRST Rating
2019-2020 FIRST Rating
2020-2021 FIRST Rating
2021-2022 FIRST Rating

Texas Accountability Rating System Reports
2011-2012 No State Accountability Rating
2012-2013 TEA Accountability Rating
2013-2014 TEA Accountability Rating
2014-2015 TEA Accountability Rating
2015-2016 TEA Accountability Rating
2016-2017 TEA Accountability Rating
2017-2018 TEA Accountability Rating
2018-2019 TEA Accountability Rating
2019-2020 No State Accountability Rating
2020-2021 No State Accountability Rating
2021-2022 TEA Accountability Rating

Student Enrollment
2011-2012 Student Enrollment Report
2012-2013 Student Enrollment Report
2013-2014 Student Enrollment Report
2014-2015 Student Enrollment Report
2015-2016 Student Enrollment Report
2016-2017 Student Enrollment Report
2017-2018 Student Enrollment Report
2018-2019 Student Enrollment Report
2019-2020 Student Enrollment Report
2020-2021 Student Enrollment Report
2021-2022 Student Enrollment Report

Adopted Budgets
2018-2019 Adopted Budget
2019-2020 Adopted Budget
2020-2021 Adopted Budget
2021-2022 Adopted Budget
2022-2023 Adopted Budget

Annual Budget Summaries

2012-2013 Budget Summary
2013-2014 Budget Summary
2014-2015 Budget Summary
2015-2016 Budget Summary
2016-2017 Budget Summary
2017-2018 Budget Summary
2018-2019 Budget Summary
2019-2020 Budget Summary
2020-2021 Budget Summary
2021-2022 Budget Summary
2022-2023 Proposed Budget Summary

Federal Awards
2018-2019 Federal Awards
2019-2020 Federal Awards
2020-2021 Federal Awards
2021-2022 Federal Awards

Utilities Usage & Cost
Utilities Usage & Cost 7/2019 - 01/2021

Other Information
Elected Officials Contact Information
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