District of Innovation

What is a District of Innovation?
The District of Innovation concept, passed in 2015, gives traditional independent school districts most of the flexibility available to Texas’ open-enrollment charter schools. To access these flexibilities, a school district must adopt an innovation plan, as set forth in Texas Education Code chapter 12A.

Why would a school district choose to pursue this option?
The purpose of pursuing the District of Innovation status is to increase local control over District operations and to support innovation and local initiatives. The status of District of Innovation would allow La Feria ISD to have most of the flexibilities that open-enrollment charter schools currently utilize. It also allow the district to gain exemption from many Texas Education Code requirements. Essentially, innovation plans are about local control.

By becoming a District of Innovation, a school district can:
•Exercise greater local control over decisions impacting instructional models for students;
•Experience increased flexibility with regards to state accountability and mandates; and,
•Develop innovative approaches to teaching and learning

What process is required to adopt an innovation plan?
The process is initiated by either:
• a resolution of the board of trustees; or
• a petition signed by a majority of the members of the district-level advisory committee.
Promptly after the resolution or petition, the board must hold a public hearing to consider whether the district should develop an innovation plan. On February 15, 2022 the board approved a resolution to initiate consideration of a District of Innovation plan and held a public hearing to approve the creation of the District of Innovation Committee.

Click on the link to view:
La Feria ISD District of Innovation Plan
La Feria ISD District of Innovation Plan Amendment June 12, 2023