Medical Emergencies


First aid and emergency treatment will be provided by school staff to all students as needed.

Each campus has an emergency card on file in the event a student has a medical emergency at school or a school-related event and the parent/guardian cannot be reached.  Parents/guardians should include information about pre-existing medical conditions, allergies, and medications, etc. on the emergency card.  Please keep emergency contacts at school up-to-date with changes to your current address and phone numbers.  We need to be able to reach you quickly if your child becomes ill or injured at school.  Students will be transported to the hospital by ambulance in the event of an emergency or an illness that requires emergency medical treatment when parents/guardians are unable to be contacted.  Every attempt will be made to contact a parent, a guardian, or authorized emergency contact.

Each school has at least one automated external defibrillator (AED).

La Feria ISD will not be financially responsible for emergency care and/or transportation deemed necessary for the safety and well-being of the student.