Educator's Guide

Resources for Educators


A list of anti-bias and multicultural books for children recommended by A World of Difference Institute. | Curriculm Connections

A list of anti-bias education lesson plans and resources for k-12 educators. | How We Treat One Another

The ASCD’s educational leadership program provides information and resources on bullying.

American Psychological Association | Love Doesn't Have to Hurt Teens

A guide that provides examples of abusive relationship, options for support and resources.

Bullying Prevention Prevention Institute | Helping Students

A guide for educators, by the Bullying Prevention Institute, on educating students about bullying prevention.


Committee for Children is a nonprofit working globally to promote children’s social and academic success through information and resources on teaching respect.

Futures Without Violence | Coaching Boys into Men

Program that inspires men to teach boys the importance of respecting women and that violence never equals strength.

Possession Obsession

Article about dating violence.

Real Robots of Robot High

Set within a faux reality TV show, The Real Robots of Robot High helps middle school students understand social systems and the dynamics that lead to health and not-so-healthy relationships.

School Security | Trends Bullying

Information on bullying and anti-bullying legislation by the National School Safety and Security Services.

Start Strong Initiative

Site provides information about building healthy relationships.

Stop | Prevention

Tips on preventing bullying at school.

Verizon Foundation | Your Voice Counts

Initiative that focuses on speaking up against domestic violence.

Violence Prevention Works

Information on preventing bullying as well as tips to recognizing and understanding the impact of bullying.

Causing Pain: Real Stories of Dating Abuse and Violence

This package from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Choose Respect Campaign contains a DVD of two video programs and a materials CD with a Choose Respect discussion guide, PowerPoint slides, and appendices.

Expect Respect Program

Program that engages youth and adults in building healthy teen relationships and preventing dating and sexual violence.

Elementary Schools

These materials may be checked out from the Library Media Center

Secondary Schools

Lessone from Literature (Downloadable Teacher Guides)
Provides examples on how to use books and materials teachers are already using to facilitate discussions and build awareness about physical, verbal and sexual abuse.
Love is Not Abuse
Information and tools to prevent teen dating violence | Stop Bullying

Guidelines for schools to stop bullying

Power to Learn | Cyberbullying

A teacher’s guide to helping to eliminate cyberbullying