Bystander's Guide

Resources for Bystanders

Eyes on Bullying

Eyes on Bullying offers a variety of tools that can help you look at and understand bullying in a new way, reexamine your own knowledge and beliefs about bullying, and explain who is a bystander and what to do.

Great | Bully and the Bystander

An article that examines how empowering bystanders to take action might be the key to stopping bullies.

Jim Wright Online

A guide that helps elaborate how to help bystanders become anti-bullying agents.

PBS Kids | Bullies

An article that helps to educate the public and bystanders on the actions that occur when witnessing bullying and how to become a positive force in that situation.

Teen Advice | Stop Bullying

A resource that helps individuals identify if they are a bystander in a bullying situation.