La Feria Independent School District routinely (1) screens all students and (2) reviews the records of all students to measure their achievement compared to their same grade-level peers and statewide standards.  The La Feria Independent School District believes in providing interventions to students who are not meeting the standards necessary for a successful completion of a high school diploma.  Children are unique with individual learning styles and different responses to the materials used in the classroom.  All children learn at different rates. 

In order to provide the most effective education for ALL children, we believe we must start with providing an effective education for EACH child.  At La Feria Independent School District, we utilize a four (4) tiered approach with varying levels of support beyond that used in the regular curriculum.  This approach is known as the Response to Intervention process.  Response to Intervention uses a problem-solving process to review students’ progress and needs as well as an integrated approach to the delivery of instruction for all students and matching the needs of your child with appropriate interventions.