LFISD College and Career Readiness Calendar

August             25          TSTC dual Enrollment Classes Begin

August             25          CTE classes at Santa Maria ISD Begin

August             26          CTE classes at Harlingen South High School 

September       9             Senior Parent Night- High School/Academy

September      10            TSC Career Expo

September      14            Open House at TX A&M Univer of Higher Education

September      20-21       UTRGV School of Social Work is hosting a USDA Sponsored                                                 

September      23            TSI testing at 8:00a.m.

September      24            CTE Evening Classes at Academy Begin

October           1             Financial Aid 101- Parental

October           3             TSTC Annual Update for Counselors

October           7             1st Monday Lesson – Law & Public Safety/ Health & Safety 

October           12           TSI testing at 8:00a.m.

October           17            FAFSA Day – HS/Academy 5:30-7:00

October           18            2020 UTCRS Summer Camps Planning Meeting at the UTRGV

                                      5-6pm Engineering Building EENGR 2.212

October           20            Student Transportation Construction Industry Video Contest 

October           21            TSI testing at 4:00p.m.

October           28            FAFSA Night- High School/Academy 5:30-7:00

November       4              1st Mon of the Month Lesson - Info Technology Careers

November       5              FAFSA Day – HS/Academy 5:30-7:00

November       6              LFHS College Fair for Junior/Seniors during  2nd & 3rd Period

November       7              High School College & Career Community BBQ 5:30-7:30

November       8              Green Jr High Career Day

November       14-15       College for All 6th Annual Conf at McAllen Convention Center

November       19            FAFSA Night – HS/Academy 5:30-7:00

December       2-6           National Week of Coding – Coding Activities at each campus

December       4              FAFSA Day – HS/Academy 5:30-7:00

December       9              FAFSA Night- HS/ Academy 5:30-7:00

January            13           1st Monday Lesson - Architecture & Construction Careers

January            15           FAFSA Day – HS/Academy 5:30-7:00

January            21           FAFSA Night – High School/Academy 5:30-7:00

February          1-29        College and Technology Education (CTE) Month

February          7             Dominguez Elementary Career Day

 February          3       1st Monday Lesson- Health Science & Health and Wellness Careers

March              2             1st Monday Lesson - Hospitality & Tourism and

                                      Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Careers

March              10            Dominguez Elementary College Night

April                1-30         Business, Marketing, and Finance Careers Month

May                 4             1st Monday of the Month Lesson- Transportation,                                       
Logistics Careers        

 *Every Wednesday – Dominguez Elementary students receive information about a university or

  college during morning announcements.

*Every Thursday – Dominguez Elementary has a trivia contest on a fact from the university or

   college announced the day before during the morning announcements.